Spider Math File Folder Games

Spider Web Math Match File Folder Games for K-2 by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Kids love Autumn & Halloween, and parents and teachers love when children learn with enthusiasm.  This is why I’ve created fun spider-themed file folder math games!  Welcome to our first (and not the last) subscriber FREEBIE! I’ve had a lot of fun creating this project, and my children have been enjoying it.  I really hope […]

Learning about Ojibwe (Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop)

Learning About Ojibwe

Hi, and welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!  I’m pleased to be back again for the second time to co-host this fantastic resource of multicultural ideas for children.  I really love looking through and seeing how others around the world are helping their children learn about other cultures. The Creative Kids Culture Blog […]

Peter and The Whimper-Whineys

Peter and The Whimper-Whineys Review

Have you ever experienced periods where your children drive you crazy with whining?  Come on, be honest, we’ve all suffered through this stage a time or two…or three.., well, you get the picture.  There are even times when I even annoy myself by whining!  Unfortunately, I’m not the perfect role model all of the time…or […]

Energy Awareness Week

11 Tips To Easy Energy Efficiency

This is energy awareness week, and thus I thought it would be the perfect time to share some tips on energy efficiency.  And of course, by being energy efficient, you will not only be helping the earth, but SAVING MONEY as well!  That’s my favourite part! I’m currently living in the United Kingdom, and some […]

Halloween Sensory Bins on Mom’s Library

Halloween Sensory Bins on Mom's Library with Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Do you, or have you used sensory bins with your children?  I never did do it ‘officially’, but I suppose the children did it on their own – digging through a box of Lego looking for looking for a particular little character, or a bouncy ball that went missing… I do think that they’re a […]

Halloween Wreath For Kids

Halloween Wreath For Kids To Make

Halloween is approaching and it’s time to get crafty!  Today I’m sharing how we’ve made a Halloween wreath by combining two other crafts the children have made.  Click through to see how they made the styrofoam ball and tissue paper pumpkin, and the styrofoam ball spider craft. Halloween Wreath Supplies a styrofoam wreath form black […]

Styrofoam Spider Halloween Craft

Styrofoam ball spider craft for Halloween

Spiders, I don’t like them!  Neither do my children.  But we make an allowance for making our own styrofoam spider Halloween craft.  This is an easy craft for children to do and will add a little cute and creepy feel to the holiday. Styrofoam spider supplies styrofoam ball black paint and paintbrush pipe cleaners glue […]

Grandchildren’s Delight Review


Grandchildren’s Delight:  Best Loved Songs From the Good Old Days as performed by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou has been on our kitchen counter, within easy reach of our CD player for the past year.  We’ve been enjoying it so much we thought we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer. I love the title including ‘From The […]

Spider Activities on Mom’s Library

Spider Activities on Mom's Library wit

Spiders!  I don’t like them!  It doesn’t help that this is mating season and they’re heading indoors for warmth and ambience.  Last week in the news I learned that down in the south east of Ireland the false widow spider has been quickly spreading out after a rouge arachnid was inadvertently brought over.  A man […]

Styrofoam & Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft

Styrofoam and Tissue Paper pumpkin craft for kids

Thanksgiving and Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a few pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns around to give a little ambience to the house.  Our styrofoam pumpkins are easy to make and oh so cute! Styrofoam & Tissue Paper Pumpkin Supplies styrofoam ball orange tissue paper pva/white/school glue paint brush felt-tipped marker wiggly eyes (optional) How to […]

E is for Eggsperiment

Eggciting Eggsperiments For Kids

There are two things my children love: science and food!  So today we’ve brought them together with some eggciting eggsperiments and an eggcellent snack!   This month sees many great bloggers come together for the 31 Days of ABCs.  Each day you’ll find a craft, recipe, activity, book, app, or advice.  Today we’re (unsurprisingly) hosting […]