My Student Logbook Review

My Student Logbook review by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Would you like your child to take more responsibility for their studies and other commitments?  I’d like to instil a sense of ownership in my children for their studies and My Student Logbook is a good way to do this. My Student Logbook is available in both physical and PDF downloadable formats.  The physical books […]

Cup Games & Crafts with Mom’s Library

Cup Games & Crafts on Mom's Library with Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Welcome once again to another edition of Mom’s Library!  While doing our recent closet re-organisation, I came across some plastic cups, so I thought these cup games and cup crafts would be perfect to feature this week. I hope you are doing well and are healthy.  We were heading out today to go to the […]

Building a Bat House and Garden

Making a bat house anda bat garden with Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Bats.  Love them or hate them, they’re all around us.  In fact, you probably don’t even know when they’re about!  Large ones can look like a bird at dusk, and smaller species can look like moths in the back garden. Tristan has taken a liking to wanting to learn about bats.  This interest began when […]

twinkl Create -Oh The Possibilities!

twinkle create makes printables easy

Have you ever wanted to make some lovely posters, labels, or flashcards but don’t have a lot of time to fuss around and find just the right seasonal or themed boarder?  Well, look no further!  My favourite UK-based learning printables website, twinkl, has outdone themselves with their new twinkl create feature! Our family has really been […]

The Herd Boy

Travel the World with a book and a craft The Herd Boy

I was so pleased to open an email two weeks ago from Tanya of Mom’s Small Victories, asking if we’d like to participate in her Travel The World In Books Readathon.  What a great idea!  So we jumped at the opportunity. If you know us, you know we love reading books about many cultures.  We […]

Healthy Eating with Mom’s Library

Healthy Eating on Mom's Library with Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Hello once again!  I hope you’re doing well and your family is settling in well with school.  I’m so sorry that I missed last week’s Mom’s Library…I was having major issues with the blog after installing a new theme and trying to make it pretty.  My husband and I are still working on some issues, […]

Mr. Pig – Fun Learning Games For Kids

Mr. Pig Fun Games for kids by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Are you looking for fun learning games for kids to play?  Try Mr. Pig!  This game was passed down from previous teachers during my teaching days in Japan.  It’s the most fun you and your child will have together all week! You can use this song and game together to learn the names for foods, colours, […]

Essential Skills Advantage Review

Reading Skills Fun with Essential Skills Advantage, A review by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Have you heard of Essential Skills Advantage?  If you have, you’ll know how fantastic their program is.  If not, let us tell you about our experience using this on-line reading skills program over the past six weeks. Essential Skills Advantage is for children from kindergarten to grade 6.  However, like most programs, you know your child best […]

Early Literacy on Mom’s Library

Early Literacy Encouragement on Mom's Library with Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Welcome back to another edition of Mom’s Library!  I’m so happy to see you again.  Please come in, I’ll put on a cup of tea and we can get to know each other better!  Have you used any of the ideas from last week’s Family Fun round up? We enjoyed watching a movie together last […]

UberSmart Math Facts Review

UberSmart Math Facts Review by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Math is an integral part of everyday life.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to go through life without knowing at least basic math.  I can survive without speaking the local language, but not without math! Over the summer my children have been using UberSmart Math Facts by UberSmart Software.  UberSmart Math Facts […]