Grow a Crystal Tree

Growing a Borax Crystal Tree

Winter science can be so much fun!  Children will love growing a crystal tree this year. Crystal Tree Supplies: glass jar boiling water pipe cleaner string pencil borax How to grow your crystal tree: To create our tree we twisted a pipe cleaner into a cone/spiral shape like this: Then we tied a string to […]

Angel Wrap Christmas Party Food

Angel Wrap Lunch is a heavenly in your bento box, Christmas party food

Christmas is filled with temptations of the unhealthy kind.  It’s hard to keep children (and even us adults) interested in making healthy choices during this season of indulgence.  Fora light lunch, give our Angel Wrap Lunch a try! For our angel, we used half a tortilla wrap folded into a cone shape.  Celery turned into […]

Frozen Activities on Mom’s Library

Activities inspired by the movie, Frozen

This year’s theme of choice seems to be everything to do with the Disney movie, Frozen.  It’s even made an appearance in our daughter’s letter to Santa.  This week I’ve rounded up a few Frozen-inspired activities from last week’s resources. Some of them are Christmas-specific, but others will last through the winter. This is the last […]

Christmas Counting Activities on Mom’s Library

Christmas Counting Activities on Mom's Library with Castle View Academy

How are you doing this evening (or middle-of-the-night for those of us across the Pond)?  We’ve been told to expect a ‘weather bomb’ overnight and into Wednesday so we may well be cancelling plans and staying home where it’s warm, dry, and not in the 80mph gales!  If you’re spending more time indoors, why not […]

Whistlefritz Spanish Lessons For Kids

Whistlefritz Fun Spanish Lessons For Kids, A Review

Last month we received the opportunity to review Whistlefritz Spanish Lessons For Kids.  When I mentioned it to my husband, he nearly flew off the sofa in his enthusiasm!  I think that was the quickest email reply I’ve ever done.  We decided to keep it a surprise for the children until it arrived. We received the […]

Frugal Foraged Wreath

DIY Foraged Christmas Wreath, Save money on Christmas decorating!

We’re being frugal and environmental this year by making our own wreath for free.  Click on the photo below to take you to our guest post at Frugal Homeschool Family. The 25 Frugal Days of Christmas are here! Join us as 25 top bloggers bring you ideas, tips, and resources to help you make this […]

Christmas Mouse Book and Craft

Christmas Mouse Book and a Felt Mouse Craft

Christmas is a special time of year that is made even better with good books and crafts!  Today I’m delighted to be sharing Christmas Mouse and a mouse craft with you as part of 10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas.  Over 70 KBN Bloggers are coming together with book-inspired crafts for you.  All the links […]

Christmas Playdough on Mom’s Library

Christmas Playdough Ideas

It’s December!! The kids are getting excited about Christmas and they’re looking for something to do.  There are only so many Christmas crafts and so much baking you can do.  What else can you do to keep the kids entertained?  Christmas Playdough!  I didn’t know there were so many fun and creative ways to make […]

Children’s Books of The Year 2014

Our Favourite Children's Books of The Year 2014

My children LOVE books!  It’s been a fun year, with Kallista starting to sound out words and reading simple books, and Tristan’s reading confidence has grown.  Our shelf space just isn’t big enough (thank goodness for Kindle books!), but there are some fantastic books that we return to again and again. Many of these books […]

Gingerbread Houses For Shelter

Gingerbread Houses For Shelter

Have you every had the pleasure of baking, building, and decorating your own gingerbread house?  I’ve never made one before, though I’ve always admired them.  A gingerbread house seemed the perfect way to start the holiday season.  This year we’ve made a gingerbread house to help others! The children had been looking forward to this […]